SILENT KILLER: Uganda’s teenage pregnancy crisis

23 thoughts on “SILENT KILLER: Uganda’s teenage pregnancy crisis”

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    Recent media reports revealed how 40,000 primary school girls are defiled by their very own teachers annually across the country many of whom end up pregnant.

    The Uganda National Adolescent Health Policy defines adolescents as people between the ages of 10 and 19 years. This is the active age when one would expect the girls of this nation to be busy in class preparing for their future and how they can participate in the development of our country. Of the national population of Uganda, adolescents represent a considerable 25%.

  2. Hello I am a youth in Uganda who aims at making a difference in Uganda I am working with a couple of NGO’s on different issues in Uganda. lately I just realized that teenage pregnancies among us is increasing and I would like to do something about it. I am looking for centres that work with teenage mothers / helping the young pregnant people in Uganda . I work with AIESEC worlds largest youth run org. currently in 168 countries and 300000 universities across the globe.

    I would like to provide an opportunity to the young people to get counselling and guidance or interactions with the youth from different countries to Uganda . if any one knows any centre in Kampala or Mukono and neighbouring close districts kindly let me know.

      1. Hi muhindo
        Its Christine again I would like to know if you were able to get me feedback on how to help this increasing pregnancy among teenagers.

    1. Hey christine, hope u are fine. how i wish you extended that support to other parts of Uganda as well. There are so many girls in northern uganda that still needs motivation to reduce teenage pregnancies. thanks

      1. Hello Africa inspire . I would love to work with any organization as long as the opportunity is given. I work with young people from different countries and currently we are doing social entrepreneurship project delivering sessions to young people .if any one wants us to work with them we r glad

    1. Thank you Teddy for your response. Together, we can end this silent killer of many lives in Uganda. It is an urgent call to our government to provide quality education, opportunities, and social/legal protection for our young girls living in disadvantaged communities to enable them equally compete for a bright future.

      1. good evening currently am in kampala doing ma masters help me with data coz teenager pregnancy is ma reaserch area good

  3. I currently motivate and mentor girls to abstain from sex and stay in school. so unfortunate i still cant afford to pay their school fees but by the grace of God i will be able to do it one day. i love to see other women successful. i hate to see young girls drop out of school yet their mindset could be changed to look at life in a different way. so many people me inclusive were raised in very poor families but we managed to study not by involving in sex but by working hard and getting bursaries, doing cheap labor and remaining focused. poverty might not be a great reason to involve in early sexual activities. mindset must be twisted. that’s when all the efforts can work. we need to motivate and inspire our girls…….that’s what i do.
    where there is a will ,there is a way.

  4. I am phionah a third year student at makerere university and i want thank masake for this article it has really helped me in my research about the causes of the high teenage pregnancy rates in uganda

  5. I appreciate all hands that are making sure the silent killer, is curbed down.
    I find it alarming in Uganda. I work with an upcoming NGO, Ask Without Shame, online based platform as a medical team head.
    Having talked to a thousands of youth, i found it necessary to join the struggle.
    Am strategizing myself together with my wife, who is now a midwife once a victim of the same. To come up with mechanisms to overcome this scourge.

  6. Hello team, i have specialised in child and adolescent counseling and Adolescent reproductive health and i work for the MoH Uganda,we have so many gaps in our government settings that we need to improve on in order to support our children, teens/adolescents especially with reproductive health education and offering care as well, since we have you technical people and donors, could you support sites that have technical officers with infrastructural development and logistical support for these very important initiative? in Northern Uganda where i work the rate of teenage pregnancy is alarming. please help

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