Miss Uganda: Why Andrew Mwenda Is Right On Haters

3 thoughts on “Miss Uganda: Why Andrew Mwenda Is Right On Haters”

  1. Hahaha I realize u r a big fan of Larry Madowo, I however think that crowning a farmer will make farming look cool to the younger generation who look up to this idols. In Kenya we have a popular musician as a “farming is cool” ambassador. It can work Anthony especially on the Urban Youth

  2. Ndugu Ominde, Larry is quite something! Isn’t he? lol – Nice to hear about the farming ambassador in Kenya. We actually need that here as well. I have nothing against that. I am a farmer myself. What inspired me to pen the piece though was the positive effect negative (haters) + some constructive criticism had on the story. How it put the lady in the limelight was my story but of course had to contextualise. Most importably, i am an advocate of real agricultural revolution in Africa and i have no kind words for how govts have handled this over the years. There are systematic problems affecting the sector and we have never looked at them seriously. All we do are cosmetic things and then we brag do be doing a lot. Land rights is still a challenge; most civil cases in court are involving land conflicts. How do we expect to have an agricultural revolution when people can’t access the factor of production? Look at the National Budget and the obscene levels of tolerated/abated corruption within the sector and you will know what exactly is a priority for our governments. I really hope she can make farming look cool!! She has my support!

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