cropped-dscn2154.jpgMasake Anthony is a resident at Chapter Four Uganda, a Ugandan civil liberties organisation. He is a seasoned Human Rights Defender and Social Justice advocate with experience in working with disadvantaged and vulnerable communities to protect their rights and help them access justice.

Masake has facilitated numerous sensitizations and trainings over the past 15 years on human rights, criminal justice, NGO legal compliance, and issues pertinent to access to justice in at least 18 prison facilities in Uganda.

He is also a regular columnist in Uganda’s local dailies (Daily Monitor and New Vision), corporate magazines and other online platforms where he has authored a number of articles on topical issues of human rights, law, and social justice for publication.

He is regular blogger who has experience on designing and managing corporate social media content and campaigns on a wide range of subjects. He represented Uganda in a “Social Media and Journalism” conference in Nairobi organised by Konrad Adenuer Stiftang in 2014.

Previously, Masake blogged with UNICEF, UNFPA, Tobacco Control Uganda, Youth Freedom Works Initiative, the NCHRD-U, among others.

Personal Contacts

Email: masakeonline@gmail.com

Twitter: @masakeonline

Facebook: masake.anthony

My Portfolio

Chapter 4 Logo            download

download (6)                             425162_558418034190877_909608846_n

org_340                     download (7)


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